Each year I teach hundreds of science lessons as a volunteer in public school classrooms in Clark County. Join me as a sponsor to promote science education and have a tangible impact on thousands of elementary age students here in Nevada.

The Benefits

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The Cost

Science Mom books can be purchased here by clicking on the donate button below. The cost is $5 per book and the following sponsorship levels are available:

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  • An entire school $3,500

All sponsors receive social media posts if they select the "public" option. To reach Gold or Platinum Sponsor status (which includes a personalized sticker with a company logo on each book), donate at one of the following levels:

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The Books

Science Mom Activity Guides have comics, coloring pages, and engaging explanations of basic principles of chemistry and physics. Ideal for students age 7 to 12, the books are a fantastic tie-in to several of the Science Mom in-class presentations. By themselves, the books are an engaging and positive STEM resource, but when paired with a Science Mom visit? Even better.

How it Started

In 2013 I volunteered to teach a 15 minute science demonstration each week in my son’s first grade class. I’ve always loved science, and I am what most people would consider a “real” scientist, having a master’s degree in Plant Science with an emphasis in Molecular Biology. Before I began doing science demonstrations, the kids in that first grade class knew me as “Andrew’s Mom.” When I started bringing in science each week, the kids began to call me “Science Mom.” The name stuck and my job grew. Within a year I was visiting 10 classrooms a week, and now I have a YouTube channel (called Science Mom) and visit schools all over the Las Vegas valley.