Schedule (or win) a Science Mom visit to your school!

If you would like to schedule a Science Mom visit for your school or event, use the contact form to learn more about availability. A school visit has a fee of $200 and books Science Mom from opening bell to closing bell, providing plenty of time for individual classroom visits and/or assemblies. Science Mom has dozens of developed presentations to choose from, many of which align with the Next Generation Science Standards. You can also use the contact form to inquire about Science Birthday Parties or other appearances.

Each month Science Mom donates books and science lessons to a school, thanks to the support of her wonderful patrons. If you're in the Las Vegas area and would like a chance at winning a free Science Mom visit for your school, fill out this form. A winner is drawn on the 1st of each month, and the school visit will be arranged for later in the month. If your school is not selected, you can enter the drawing again in subsequent months.

2019 School Visits

School # of classes visited # of books donated
Sunrise Elementary 29 0
Charles West Preparatory Academy 31 12
Harney Middle School 21 25
John Beaty Elementary 23 10
Bertha Ronzone Elementary 47 47
Nate Mack Elementary 23 14
Mervin Iverson Elementary 37 14
Will Beckley Elementary 36 8
Roger Bryan Elementary 33 14
Robert and Sandy Ellis Elementary 22 0
Kermit Brooker Elementary 28 30
Clarence Piggott Academy 5 5
John F. Mendoza Elementary 7 30

2018 School Visits

School # of classes visited # of books donated
Ralph J. Bunche Elementary 4 89
Andrew J. Mitchell Elementary 19 0
Martha P. King Elementary 8 0
William and Mary Sherkenbach Elementary 25 103
Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary 9 0
Dean Allen Elementary 7 0
Neil C. Twitchell Elementary 12 0
James E & A Rae Smalley Elementary 11 7
Steve Schorr Elementary 41 0
Andrew J. Mitchel Elementary 19 0
Martha P. King Elementary 8 0
David M. Cox Elementary 10 25
Fredric Watson Elementary 4 4
Andrew J. Mitchel Elementary 17 23
Martha P. King Elementary 8 225
John C. Bass Elementary 14 8
Sunrise Elementary 28 0
Jack Dailey Elementary 3 24
Mervin Iverson Elementary 8 36
Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary 34 30
John and Judy Goolsby Elementary 16 25
Glen Taylor Elementary 35 0
Elaine Wynn Elementary 26 21
Sandy Searles Miller Elementary 30 0

2017 School Visits

School # of classes visited # of books donated
Total 334 0
Martha P. King Elementary, Andrew J. Mitchell Elementary, Ernest May Elementary, Eva G Simmons Elementary, Lee Antonello Elementary, John Tartan Elementary, Gilbert Elementary, O.K. Adcock Elementary, Cyril Wengert Elementary, Hal Smith Elementary, Cynthia Cunningham Elementary, Explore Knowledge Academy, Nate Mack Elementary, Estes McDoniel Elementary, McCaw Steam Academy, J Marlan Walker Elementary, Elise L. Wolff Elementary, Steven G. Schorr Elementary, John Bass Elementary, Jones Blackhurst Elementary, Glen Taylor Elementary, Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary, William and Mary Scherkenbach Elementary