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  • Jenny Ballif
  • Aug 30, 2017
Element 2 on the Periodic Tabel of Patrons: Jillium.

I love plants, and when we go hiking I’m often stopping to snap pictures and exclaiming in delight over seeing a certain species in bloom, or discovering a rare variety of tree or an unusual looking seed pod. And nine times out of ten, when I see something beautiful in nature, my first thought is “I’d like to show my mom.”

An alpine firecracker flower, less than 1 inch in diameter, and a small barrel cactus.

And I know she does the same thing, because she’ll often tell me “I saw this, and thought of you,” or send me pictures of plants.

An evening primrose blooming on a sand dune.

It’s really nice to have someone you can share pictures of flowers with, or tell about the BIGGEST sagebrush you saw EVER.

The largest and tallest sagebrush we've ever seen, by far.

Thank you, mom. For being a Science Mom Patron, and for teaching me how to stop and see the beauty and wonder in the natural world.

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Jenny Ballif

Jenny Ballif has worked as a molecular biologist and a wild land firefighter, and at several jobs that fall in between wearing a lab coat and wielding a chainsaw. She is the mother of three kids, wife of one mathematician, and author of several books.