• Jenny Ballif
  • Feb 8, 2018
Element 8 from the Periodic Tabel of Patrons: Mikium.

If you’ve enjoyed the Science Mom Activity Guides, then you’ll want to give this element a big thanks for getting the ball rolling. In June of 2017, Mike reached out to ask if I’d like to partner with AlphaGraphics to print the foldable books that go along with each Science Mom Guide Video. I’d toyed around with the idea of putting all 7 guides to water together in a book with some additional comics, but honestly, there are enough things on my plate that I’m not sure when I would have gotten around to expanding the guides into books.

But once Mike suggested it, that got us pretty excited to get the project going. And since then, everyone we’ve met at AlphaGraphics had lived up to the moto they have of being “more than a printer.

AlphaGraphics is a full-service print and marketing company that does everything from business cards, flyers, books and brochures to signs, banners, promotional products and marketing services. They know how to get noticed so that you can get business.

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Jenny Ballif

Jenny Ballif has worked as a molecular biologist and a wild land firefighter, and at several jobs that fall in between wearing a lab coat and wielding a chainsaw. She is the mother of three kids, wife of one mathematician, and author of several books.