Math Dad and Science Mom

Science Mom has worked as a molecular biologist and a wildland firefighter, and at several jobs that land in between wearing a lab coat and wielding a chainsaw. She has a bachelor's degree in crop science and a master's degree in plant science, both from Utah State University. In 2013, she volunteered to bring weekly science experiments to her son's second grade class and her name changed from "Andrew's Mom" to "Science Mom." She's been sharing science with kids ever since.

Math dad grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Idaho. He has a PhD in mathematics from Penn State University and loves teaching all types of math, from arithmetic to advanced topics. In 2020, he joined Science Mom to teach 52 free math and science lessons on YouTube. During these lessons, he gained a bit of a cult-following by singing a song no one knew the words to. He's been working with Science Mom making videos (and singing songs) ever since.

Science mom and Math Dad live in Southern Nevada with their three kids and one very adorable dog.